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Calgary, AB,

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What are the ages?

Dunamis has classes available for ages 4 and up. 


Can anyone join?

EVERYONE is welcome at Dunamis. No matter what your fitness level or experience level, we meet you where you are at and build on your skills. 


Are the classes for beginners?

ABSOLUTELY! All of our classes are tailored to all levels. Beginners will be taught the basics and foundations of the sport until they are confident in there skills to build on from there. 


Do I have to compete to train at Dunamis?

No. Majority of our members train because they love to learn the sport and they get a killer workout. There is an opportunity to compete for those who wish to. 


Why choose Dunamis?

Dunamis is the perfect balance between technique and fitness. If you are wanting to learn the actual art of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing and get in the best shape of your life, this is the gym for you. The instructors are qualified, welcoming, and will push you to your limits. Dunamis is also known for it’s friendly and welcoming community. We love our team here! 


What is the class structure?

Our classes always begin with a 5-10 minute warm up (skipping, body weight exercises, etc.). After the warm up, the coach will instruct everybody to get into partners. From there, the coach will explain in detail the technique the class will be doing. In partners, students will then practice the technique together. The coach will come around to the partners, answer questions, and help with their technique. Classes finish with some strength and conditioning. 


What equipment do I need?

We suggest wearing athletic clothing that you feel comfortable moving around in. Bring a water bottle. Hand wraps are highly suggested and they are available to purchase at the gym. We have gloves that beginners can borrow for their first couple classes, but then we suggest buying your own gloves (which we sell). Shinguards are not mandatory but we suggest purchasing them eventually. 


How do I get signed up?

If you’d like to sign up, just come in 10-15 minutes before the class you’d like to join. You will sign a waiver, process your payment, and then receive your membership card. It is that easy!


Do I have to fight or spar in class? 

Absolutely not. This is a huge misconception that many have about the sport. Other than our sparring class (which is optional), there is NO hitting each other in any of our classes.